My Life, Captured

I Am… January 11, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Melissa @ 2:15 am
  • a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend.
  • in love with Jesus, and striving to be more like Him every day.
  • proud of my kids.
  • working on being a better friend.
  • not the best cook.
  • a thinker.  I spend months at a time contemplating ideas.  Last year I chewed on the idea of Jesus fulfilling women’s romantic longings (which He does!).  Right now I’m thinking through two things: what does it mean to fear God, and what does an all-in, totally sold out, “radical” follower of Jesus look like.
  • occasionally struck by the overwhelming need to express myself creatively, usually in photographs (hence the creation of this blog).
  • not very sentimental.
  • working on controlling my tongue.
  • grateful for the invention of digital cameras.  (I take LOTS of bad photos – I’m so glad I don’t have to pay to develop them.)
  • the wife of a pastor.
  • kind of goofy.  Okay.  Really goofy.
  • at times, a failure. 
  • thankful for the Bible.
  • incredibly indecisive.
  • a recovering scorpion-phobe.
  • a chronic merchandise-returner. 
  • ashamed that my hiatus from the treadmill forced me to start over with the Couch to 5K training.  Eek.
  • a reader.
  • very stressed out by chaotic situations.
  • never sure what to serve my kids for lunch.
  • striving to do all things without complaining or arguing.
  • a homeschool mom.
  • currently trying to define my role in ministry.
  • not a self-starter.
  • a home-body.
  • married to my best friend.
  • a phlegmatic / melancholy split.
  • really, really grumpy when I’m hungry.
  • still trying to figure out how I daily can feast on God’s word AND have a powerful prayer life.  I have had both, but rarely, if ever, simultaneously.
  • a huge fan of going to the movies.
  • sure that no one will be interested in any of this, but hopeful that I have finally found a way to capture those quiet, every-day moments in my life that I hope to never forget.

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