My Life, Captured

Motherhood January 11, 2011

Filed under: Family Life,Musings — Melissa @ 2:54 am

This morning after lifting my son from his crib, he took a long look at my face and gave me the sweetest grin. He put his little arms around me and placed his head on my shoulder. It was one of those life moments that I wished could linger on forever. The feel of his soft hair on my cheek, the smell of the back of his neck after a good sleep, the pat, pat, pat of his chubby hand on my back. I wanted to drink it in to my memory and cement it there.

As I cried over the tenderness of the moment, I heard a sound coming from the next room that every mother dreads – that choking, coughing sound of a vomiting child. I put my son down to play, and ran into my daughter’s room to find her using the throw-up pot we had put her to bed with. My face still wet with tears, I automatically kicked into mommy-nurse mode.

After taking care of the necessities of the moment, I had to laugh. It’s just such a perfect example of the reality of motherhood. Times of blissful sweetness smashed right in there with the more difficult (and/or gross) ones. It’s funny to me that the latter are just as important and special to me as the former. Every moment I have with these babies is a gift from the Lord, and I am thankful for His reminder today to cherish each experience (whether nasty or nice) that I have with both of them.


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